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                                                        FAMILY GROUP RECORD
     Entries in blue represent an active link to additional information.                                                                      
BORN:   Bef    1790          PLACE:       CHR.:                       
DIED:   Aft    Mar 1839      PLACE: Logan Co,Ohio       BUR.:      
                 PLACE: unk       
MARR:                        PLACE:      
FATHER:       MOTHER:                                                           
BORN:   Abt    1770          PLACE: ,,VA       CHR.:                      
PLACE:       DIED:   28 Jan 1855          PLACE:       
PLACE: West Union Cem,Fayette Co,IA       FATHER:Unknown      
1.  NAME: Jacob HOOVER            
    BORN:    Sep 1797   
    PLACE: ,,,VA        M   CHR.:                      PLACE:            
    DIED:  9 Dec 1888   PLACE: West Union,Dover Twp,Fayette Co,IA            
    BUR.:  Dec 1888     PLACE: West Union,Dover Twp,Fayette Co,IA            
    SPOUSE:Elizabeth ROSIER                                        
    MARR:  2 Oct 1834          PLACE: Perry Twp,Shelby Co,Ohio      
2.  NAME: Elizabeth HOOVER            
    BORN: Abt    1798   PLACE: ,,VA        F   CHR.:                      PLACE:           
    DIED: 24 Nov 1871          PLACE: ,,OH            BUR.:                     
    PLACE: Cost Cem,Logan Co,OH            
    MARR: 28 Aug 1825          PLACE: Muskingum Co,OH      
3.  NAME: Catherine HOOVER            BORN: Abt    1800
    PLACE: ,,VA        F   CHR.:                       PLACE:           
    DIED                     PLACE:            BUR.:                      PLACE:  
    SPOUSE: John ROUNDS                                                         MARR: 19 Jan 1823         
    PLACE: Muskingum Co,OH      
4.  NAME: Martin HOOVER            BORN: Bef    1810   
    PLACE:        M   CHR.:                      PLACE:            
    DIED: Bef 1839             PLACE:          BUR.:                      PLACE:           
    SPOUSE: Unknown            MARR:                      PLACE:                    
5.  NAME: Mary HOOVER        
    BORN:  4 Mar 1801          PLACE: ,,VA        F   CHR.:                     
    DIED: 16 Oct 1869          PLACE: West Union,Fayette Co,IA    
    BUR.:                      PLACE: West Union Cem,Fayette Co,IA           
    SPOUSE: MICHAEL SHERRARD                                      
    MARR: Aft    1810          PLACE:      
6.  NAME: John HOOVER         
    BORN: Abt    1810     
    PLACE: ,,VA        M   CHR.:                  PLACE:           
    DIED:              PLACE:            BUR.:                      PLACE:           
    SPOUSE:            MARR:                      PLACE: 

7.  NAME: Susanna HOOVER            
    BORN: Abt    1812  PLACE:             F   CHR.:                      PLACE:            
    DIED:              PLACE:            BUR.:              PLACE:           
    SPOUSE:      Caleb LANE   PLACE: Muskingum Co OH 

8.  NAME: George W. HOOVER            
    BORN: 1810/1816     PLACE: ,Greenbriar Co,VA        M             
    DIED: 19 Jan 1878          PLACE:            BUR.:         
    SPOUSE: Parmelia ROSIER MARR: 1 Jan 1835  PLACE: Shelby Co OH                                   
                                       Family Group Record
                Jacob HOOVER
                This is "Jacob of the Will" whose will was signed in Logan Co
                Ohio in  1839, and proved 19 Jun 1844.  We are fairly certain that this man 
                was the father of our Jacob the bear killer.  His will left his property
                to a son, George. It mentioned sons, Jacob, William, George, and
                possibly Martin. It mentioned his wife, Susan.It mentioned a daughter,
                Mary, wife of Michael Sherrard.  An older Susan, and a Mary, wife of
                Michael Sherrard, are buried next to our Jacob in the West
                Union Cemetery in Fayette Co Iowa.
                Susan GARVER
                Letter from Jean Sherrard Jones states this person's maiden name was Garver;
                also, that she was the mother of Mary (Hoover) Sherrard, Jean's great great
                grandmother.  West Union Cem records show Susan Hoover buried in the same
                plot as Jacob Hoover, died 28 Jan 1855, age 84 years.
     CHILD  1 - Jacob HOOVER
                Have federal census records for 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880; state census
                records for 1856, 1885
                Have copy of marriage certificate, death certificate, deeds, and will
                Have copy of memorial card from funeral
                Place of birth is unknown.  His tombstone says Lincoln County, VA., which
                did not exist at time of his birth.  Most census records show him as having
                been born in Virginia.
                Have story from West Union paper about him killing a bear.
                West Union Republican Gazette, 24 December 1880, pg 3:
                "Mr. Jacob Hoover, Sen., this winter makes his home at his son-in-law,
                George Tope."
            2 - Elizabeth HOOVER
                This person is named in the 1839 will of Jacob Hoover, Logan Co, OH, as his
                daughter, Elizabeth Chambers.  The Ohio IGI indicates that an Elizabeth
                Hoover married Absalom Chambers in Muskingum
                Co OH on 28 August 1825. Personal visit by Gerald Hoover to Cost Cem, Logan
                Co, OH (Intersection of County Roads 706 and 235) provides the following
                information.  A stone for Absalom Chambers,inscribed died Sep 21, 1868, aged
                71 y, 4 m, 27 d.  To his left, Elizabeth, wife of Absalom Chambers, died 
                Nov 24, 1871, aged 68 y, 8 m, 9d.
                Gerald Hoover's personal visit to the Logan Co Courthouse
                in April 1989 yielded the following information about the will of Absalom
                Chambers.  It was probated 26 Sep 1868. (Ed: only five days after his
                death?)  Will Book D; pg 122;mentions oldest son, Bartholome (sp?), if he
                gets a divorce,Bartholome's oldest son, Absalom; youngest son, Mathew;
                executor to be William Johnston; son-in-law William Curl, granddaughter,
                Hanna E. Cost and her gf George E.Cost.
                To the right of Absalom Chambers - Louisa E., wife of John M. Cost, died Oct
                30, 1865, aged 37 y, 6 m.
      CHILD 3 - Catherine HOOVER
                The 1839 will of a Jacob Hoover in Logan Co OH mentions a daughter, Catherine
                Rounds.  The OH IGI lists the marriage of a Catherine Hoover and a John Rounds
                in Muskingum Co OH on 19 Jan 1823.  The 1850 and 1860 federal census taken in
                Clayton Co IA both list the household of a John and Catherine Rounds.
                1850 census - pg 149 - dwelling #250
                      Rounds, John          51       farmer           born NY
                            , Catherine     30?                            VA
                            , Elizabeth     10                             OH
                            , John           3                             OH
                      Spares, Henry         24                             IA
                1860 census - pg 693 - dwelling #160
                      Rounds, John          64       farmer                RI
                            , Catherine     64?                            VA
                            , John Jr.      22                             OH
                Assuming that these three facts, marriage, 1850 census entry, and 1860 census
                entry, are all for the same family, it would appear that John Jr. should have
                been shown as age 12 or 13 on the 1850 census, which would be a more plausible
                age if Catherine age of 64 on the 1860 census was correct.  The Elizabeth shown
                as age 10 on the 1850 census was probably either older than 10 or Catherine's
                age of 64 on the 1860 census was incorrect.  A good deal more research is
                needed to ascertain the facts regarding this household.
     CHILD  4 - Martin HOOVER
                Listed as an heir of Jacob Hoover, Logan Co OH, will 1839; Martin was deceased
                prior to his father's death; his children are named as Jacob's heirs.  Two
                children are named in the probate.  They are Sarah Sails and Mary Swank.  We
                have no further information about Martin at this time.  However, if Sarah and
                Mary were his daughters, then both were married prior to 1845 and 1847, when
                they signed for their share (83 1/3 cents) of their grandfather's estate.  If
                we consider eighteen years as a probable marriageable age, then Sarah and Mary
                were born about 1827 and 1829.  If their father, Martin, was approximately age
                20 at the time of his marriage, then he would have been born around 1807, which
                would place him somewhere near the middle of the known children.
      CHILD 5 - Mary HOOVER-
                Dates are from letter of a descendant of this person
      CHILD 6 - John HOOVER-
                This person is listed as an heir in the will of Jacob Hoover, Logan Co OH,
                1839.  He may be the person whose household was enumerated on page 84 of the
                Logan Co Iowa 1850 federal census in Miami Twp as follows: Dwelling #112
                     Hoover, John       40     farmer     born VA
                           , Nancy      30                     OH
                           , David      12                     OH
                           , William    10                     OH
                           , Mary        5                     OH
                           , George      3                     OH
                           , Henry       2                     OH
                We have additional information about this family; ie marriage information for
                William, George, and Henry and death information from stones in Riverside and
                Fairview cemeteries in Logan Co OH.
                Also, on file at the Logan Co Courthouse in Belefontaine, OH, is a will,
                drawn 20 Dec 1871, of a John Hoover. (See Adm Docket C, pg 493.) It wills to a
                daughter, Mary Callaied (sp?), west half of NE quarter section of sec 30 Twp 3,
                Range 12, Champaigne Co; to daughter, Elizabeth, east half of above; to son,
                Henry, land in Champaigne Co, to son Henry - cancelled promissory notes;
                mentions a son George; mentions a total of five children and wife, Nancy.
                William was executor.
                In comparing this will to the family enumerated on pg 84 of the Ohio federal
                census, we find :
                  1. Name of wife is same - Nancy
                  2. Name of one dau is same - Mary
                  3. Names of two sons are the same - George and Henry
                  4. There is no dau named Elizabeth on the census; but Eliz. could have been
                     born after the 1850 census
                  5. The census names two sons, David and William, who are not named in the
     CHILD  7 - Susanna HOOVER-
                This person is named as a daughter in the 1839 will of Jacob Hoover in Logan
                County, Ohio.  We believe this to be the same person who married Caleb Lane on
                22 Aug 1830.
     CHILD  8 - George W. HOOVER-
                We believe this person to have been the son listed as an heir in the will of
                Jacob Hoover, 1839, in Logan County OH, and named as the administrator of the
                estate of his father.  This to be the same person who married
                Permelia Rosier, daughter of Lawrence Rosier in Shelby Co OH in 1835. A
                statement in a letter written in 1968 by Cassia (Hoover) Berry, granddaughter
                of Jacob Hoover, lends credence to this theory. She wrote, "A brother of Jacob
                married a sister of Elizabeth (ed: Rosier). They had at least four children,
                William, Martin, Kate, and Susan."
                  Because of the continuation of family given names, we were already of the
                opinion that the George Hoover enumerated on the 1850 Iowa federal census in
                Clayton Co was this same George Hoover.  Cassia Berry's letter would also seem
                to provide evidence to prove this opinion.  In Dwelling #257 we find:
                       Hoover, George       34       born VA
                             , Mary         23            PA
                             , William      13            OH
                             , Hester S(?)  11            OH
                             , Martin        8            OH
                             , Susan         7            OH
                             , Matilda       4            OH
                             , Susan        83            VA
                In order for this theory to be true, Permelia would have had to die before      
                1850, possibly in childbirth.  If so, it would seem that Mary, at age 23, would
                not have been the mother of any of these children, except, possibly, Matilda.
                (Which is not a Hoover or Rosier family name)  If Matilda was Mary's child,
                then Permelia (Rosier) Hoover would have died in Ohio and George remarried
                there after 1843.  The presence of the older Susan Hoover in the household also
                supports the belief that this is the George Hoover mentioned in the 1839 will.
                We believe this Susan to be the same person buried in the Jacob Hoover plot at
                West Union Cemetery, Fayette Co IA.  However, there is an age discrepancy.  The
                West Union Cemetery records show Susan Hoover died 28 Jan 1855, aged 84 years.
                The stone says, "Wife of J. Hoover."  If this information is correct, then
                Susan should have been shown on the 1850 census as age 80.  This would add some
                plausibility to the possibility of her being the mother of 34 year old
                George. Still, she would have been at least 45 or 46 years old at the time of
                his birth.
                There is no further record in Clayton Co IA of this family.  According to Jean
                Sherrard Jones, 2836 S. Beltline Rd, Mesquite, TX, 75181, this family moved,
                with some members of the family of Michael and Mary (Hoover) Sherrard, George's
                sister, to Texas after the 1850 census.
                November 1994 - A letter from Maxine Kintor (or Kinton) gives information about
                a William G. Hoover, whose biography appeared in the "History of Labette County
                Kansas."  The story states he was the son of George W. and Pamelia (Rosier)
                Hoover, that he was born in Greenbriar Co, VA, (now West VA), of German
                extraction, and that he went to Ohio, when fourteen years old, with his father,
                Jacob, whom he well remembers.  The story goes on to state, "George W. Hoover
                became a prosperous sheep raiser in Ohio.  In 1852 he went to Texas, and
                located about 15 miles northwest of Fort Worth, where he was engaged quite
                extensively in farming.  He next moved to Labette county, Kansas, and settled
                two miles southeast of Chetopa, where he took a claim in the spring of 1867,
                and ranked among the pioneers of the county.  He afterward moverd to the town
                of Chetopa, where he resided until his death, January 19, 1878, at the age of
                sixty-eight years.  He married Pamelia Rosier, by whom he had five children as
                follows: William G.; Esther Jane, deceased; Martin V., a wealthy cattle man,
                whose farm adjoins that of the subject hereof, with whom he was in partnership
                until recent years; Susan R. (Bell) and Matilda (Croft) of Texas.  Mrs. Hoover
                died at an early age, and Mr. Hoover afterward married Mary Swallow, now Mrs.
                Caveness, of Oregon.  A nephew of her husband had charge of the Advance office
                At Chetopa.

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