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John L. Hoover

(1835 - 1922)

Son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Rosier) Hoover

John L. Hoover was born 1 August 1835 in Logan County, Ohio. He came with his parents to Fayette County, Iowa, in July 1849, and was enumerated in his father's household in the 1856 Iowa State Census. John is listed as J. L. Hoover, age 20, born Ohio. In the 1860 Iowa Federal Census he is enumerated on page 120 in the household of his grandfather, Lawrence Rosier. That entry shows John Hoover as age 25, a farm laborer, born Ohio, and the owner of personal property valued at $1,200. John L. Hoover's middle name is not stated on any census record, legal document, or in any of the newspaper articles about him. It is recorded on his gravestone as John Lawrence Hoover.

John L. Hoover was twice married, first to Mary Ann McAlester, with whom he had one child, Alice J. Hoover. The date of their marriage is not known but can be approximated as 1862 since their daughter was born 3 August 1863. The WPA survey of Fayette County, Iowa, cemeteries lists a Mary Ann Hoover who died 3 March 1865 at age 19 and is interred in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. If this is the person who was the first wife of John L. Hoover, then he was approximately eleven years her senior and she was about sixteen years of age at the time of their marriage.

Alice J. Hoover, only child of John and Mary Ann (McAlester) Hoover is shown as age 7, born Iowa, in the home of her father and stepmother in the 1870 federal census, and as age 16 in the 1880 federal census. Alice Hoover and Augustus N. Koehler were married by W. B. Lakin, JP, on 4 March 1881 at the home of J. N. Koehler. The newspaper article about the marriage states she was the daughter of John L. Hoover, Esquire, and also lists wedding gifts received. We have no information about the family of Augustus and Alice (Hoover) Koehler, however, census searches should provide some information.

After the death of his first wife, John L. Hoover married Barbara (Tope) Joslein on 1 August 1867. Their marriage license was issued in Fayette County, Iowa, on 31 July 1867, and they were married by E. Fothergill, M.G., the following day. John and Barbara Hoover had one child, Edith Caroline Hoover (#), who was born 16 November 1869. Information about her can be found later in this document.

The 1895 Iowa State Census included a question asking each individual's religious preference. John Hoover declared his religious affiliation to be United Brethren. Barbara (Tope) Hoover listed her preference as Methodist. The West Union Methodist Episcopal Church list of September 1864 includes the name of Barbary Joslin, address Rosier's School House, joined the church by certificate in 1864. The same record lists her 1865 address as Robinson's School House.

John L. Hoover died 1 September 1922 at Hamilton, Ravalli County, Montana, of chronic nephritis,and is interred in the cemetery there. His obituary provides the information that John L. Hoover lived on his place in Dover Township until about 1912 when he moved to West Union and made his home with a grandson, WillPhilips. The obituary goes on to state, "A few years ago he moved to Hamilton, Mont., where he has since made his home with his daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Philips."

Alice (Hoover) Koehler inherited one-half of "all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, outside of the state of Montana, wherever situate to be divided share and share alike . ."

Barbara Tope

(1825 - 1910)

Daughter of Jacob John and Sarah (Everhard) Tope

Barbara Tope, daughter of Jacob John and Sarah (Everhard) Tope, was born 26 February 1825 in Carrol County, Ohio, and died 31 August 1910 in West Union, Fayette County, Iowa.

She was married first to Ralph Joslein. It should be noted here that the spelling of this surname varies greatly from one document to another. It is the intention of this writer to use the spelling as it appears in whatever document is being cited.

Undocumented information from another researcher of this family's history states that Barbara Tope had one child prior to her marriage to Ralph Joslein. That child is said to have been the child of John Kail and was named Samantha Kail. Samantha is said to have married Sam Kelsey and had children named Fabasin, Kitty, Jimmy, Beatrice, Theodore, Sam and John. The obituary of Barbara (Tope) (Joslein) Hoover states she had two daughters by, "a former marriage, Mrs. S. E. Kelsey and Mrs. J. W. Hoover." There is no other documentation whatsoever that Barbara had children other than as listed in the Bible, which does not mention Samantha. This rumor is repeated here only to provide some future researcher a clue, just in case the information is correct.

The obituary of Barbara Hoover was published on Page 1 of the West Union Argo-Gazette on 7 September 1910. It states in part, " . . .Mrs. Hoover died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. E. Phillips of West Union, Wednesday, August 31, 1910. Besides the husband, John L. Hoover, she leaves her daughter, Mrs. J. E. Phillips; two daughters by a former marriage, Mrs. S. E.Kelsey and Mrs. J. W. Hoover, and numerous grandchildren. She had been ill for about a year. The funeral was held from the Methodist Church of West Union, Friday, September 2, conducted by Rev. L. A. Swisher. Interment in West Union Cemetery."

Barbara Hoover's certificate of death was filed in Fayette County, Iowa. Statistical information for the certificate was provided by John Hoover of West Union. The certificate is signed by G. D. Darnall and indicates that Barbara Hoover died of chronic gastro-Enteritis with a contributory condition of uremic poisoning.

A photocopy of the "Family Record" section of a Bible said to have belonged to Barbara (Tope) Hoover has the following entries:

"Born in Carroll Co. Ohio, Miss Barbara Tope on the 26th Feb. 1825."

"Married in Cadiz, Ohio, Mr. Ralph Joslein to Miss Barbara Tope, on July 13, 1853."

"Born in Maysville, Ky., Harriet Joslein, on the 9th of May 1854."

"Born in Dayton, Ohio, Abbey Ann Joslein, on the 19th of June, 1857."

"Born in Dayton Ohio Lydia Joslein on the 22 of September in the year 1859."

"Died in Zanesville, Ohio, Abbey Ann Joslein, on the 25th of January, 1858, aged 7 m. & 6 days."

"Died in Dayton Ohio, Lydia Joslein on the 3rd of <month is illegible, could be May or August> in the year 1861."

"Died in Dayton Ohio, on the 2nd of August in 1861 Ralf Joslein."

"Born in Iowa, Alice Hoover on the 3rd of Aug. 1863."

"Edith Caroline Hoover Born in Iowa, Fayette Co. November the 16th AD 1869."

"Born in Logan CO Ohio John L. Hoover on 1st of Aug 1835."

"Died in West Union IA. Barbara Tope Hoover on the 31st August 1910."

Other entries in this record pertain to the family of Jacob Hoover, Jr., brother of John L. Hoover, and Harriet (Joslein) Hoover, daughter of Barbara (Tope) (Joslein) Hoover.

Edith Caroline Hoover

(1869 - 1948)

Daughter of John L. & Barbara (Tope) Hoover

Edith Caroline Hoover was born in West Union, Fayette County, Iowa, 16 November 1869, and died sometime during the first week of April, 1948, at Glasgow, Valley County, Montana of a "heart ailment."

Jesse Edwin Philips, son of Jesse and Nancy (Roley) Philips, was born 27 May 1867 in Fayette County, Iowa. He died 7 May 1946 in Valley County, Montana. Both Jesse and Edith Philips are buried at West Union, Fayette County, Iowa.

Edith Caroline Hoover and Jesse Edwin Philips were married at West Union on 16 December 1888. Edith's obituary states Jesse engaged in farming there and later operated an automobile and machinery business. It goes on to state that they relocated to Montana in 1916 and homesteaded a farm near Glasgow, Valley County, Montana. Edith continued to live on the farm after her husband's death and their son, Ed C. Philips, managed the farming business.

Donald Philips, Salmon, Idaho, a grandson of Edith and Jesse Philips, provided the following list of their children, all of whom were born in Fayette County, Iowa.


William Laurence Philips 2 Jan 1890

Edwin Clarence Philips 1 Feb 1893

John Arthur Philips 1 Jan 1895

Earle Eugene Philips 13 Jan 1897

Bess Barbra Philips 31 Oct 1899

Karl Alsiness Philips 5 Jan 1908

William Laurence Philips married Blanch Theabald on 15 April 1912. At the time of his mother's death in 1948, William was living in West Union, Iowa. He died 21 October 1972.

Edwin Clarence Philips married first, on 15 April 1912, Doris Dorland, and second, Georgia Goodrich. In 1948, he was living in Glasgow, Montana. Edwin Philips died 8 December 1975 at Hamilton, Montana, and is buried there.

John Arthur Philips married Ellen Mildred Courtney on 15 June 1921. In 1948, he was living in Sweet Grass, Montana. He died 26 March 1977.

Earle Eugene Philips married Thelma Ruth Waddell on 18 October 1922.

Bess Barbra Philips married Clifford Leon Corkins on 30 April 1920.

Karl Alsiness Philips married Laura MayDaum on 27 October 1924. In 1948, he was living in LaHabra, California. He died 21 Oct 1975.

Earle Eugene Philips

(1897 - 1946)

Son of Jesse and Edith Caroline (Hoover) Philips

Earle Eugene Philips was born 13 January 1897 at West Union, Fayette County, Iowa, and died 30 July 1946 at Anaconda, Deer Lodge County, Montana. On 18 October 1922, at Hamilton, Ravalli County, Montana, he married Thelma Ruth Waddell. She was born 13 July 1904 at Wallace, Idaho, and was the daughter of William Henry and Mary Bell (Ward) Waddell. Thelma (Waddell) Philips died at Marcus Memorial Hospital, Hamilton, Montana, on 23 May 1983. Both Earle and Thelma Philips are buried in Riverview Cemetery, Hamilton, Montana. Thelma Philips was survived by two sons, two daughters, 17 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, and one sister, Hazel McMahon, who was living at that time in Lander, Wyoming.

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