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Some Descendants of Henry BENN, Sr.

The following is a compilation

Henry BENN, Sr., was born prior to 1740; he may have been the son of Thomas BENN. Henry Benn signed the Oath of Allegiance in Delaware on August 8, 1778. (As did his son-in-law, Robert PENNINGTON.) Henry BENN was probably married in New Castle County, Delaware, about 1755. He was last taxed in Delaware in 1783. In 1785 he was a resident of Potter's Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. (Penn. Archives - Series III - Vol. 19 - Pg. 631.) The Benns and the Penningtons settled in Potter's township in Penn Valley by 1784. At that time it was in Northumberland County. Later, it was in Mifflin County and then in Centre County.

Children of Henry BENN, Sr.

Rebecca Benn born abt 1756 mar Robert PENNINGTON
Henry Benn Jr. born abt 1763 mar Lydia ___________
Rachel Benn born abt 1770 mar William MONKS (MUNKS)
Female Benn born 1765/1774 (probably aft 1770) mar Job COLBERT
Jonathan Benn born abt 1779 mar Elisabeth WILKINS
Samuel Benn born abt 1784/1790 .
Female Benn born 1784/1790 .
Female Benn born 1784/1790 .

"What members of Henry Benn's family moved to Northumberland County about 1784? There were Henry Benn, Sr., his wife, Robert and Rebecca (Benn) PENNINGTON and their son Henry, born in 1775, Rachel, a younger daughter (later Mrs. Job COLBERT), Jonathan, and probably a newly born child - either Samuel or a daughter. The family may have delayed their departure until after the birth of this child.

Henry Benn, Jr., did not go to Pennsylvania at this time. He first appeared on a tax list for Potter's Township, Mifflin County, as an additional resident in 1790."

The name of Henry Benn appears on the Potter's Township, Northumberland County, Penn., tax lists for the years 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788. Each year he is shown as owning 100 acres. In 1789, he was taxed in Mifflin County and owned 150 acres. In 1790, Henry Benn, Jr., with 150 acres, is shown as an additional resident. In 1792, there are two Henry Benns; one with 300 acres and one with 200 acres.

The 1790 census for Mifflin County, Penn., recorded Henry Benn, Sr., 2 males over 16, 2 males under 16, and 5 females. The writer of this original article was of the opinion that the household members included Henry's daughter, Rachel, and her husband, William MONKS, and one or two of their children. William Monks was not listed in the census as the head of a household. He had married Rachel Benn in 1786 and they had a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1786. Then they had a second daughter, Mary. William Monks had no relatives of his own in Mifflin County, so it seems logical to assume that his family was enumerated in the household of his father-in-law, Henry Benn, Sr. By 1798, William Monks was established in a home of his own and was listed as the head of a household in 1800 census.

So, if the two males over 16 in the 1790 census were Henry Benn, Sr., and William Monks, that leaves two males under 16. The writer believed they were Jonathan and Samuel Benn, sons of Henry Benn, Sr. Which brings us to the question of the identity of the five females. The paper suggests that they were Rachel Monks, Elizabeth Monks (her daughter), a young female Benn who later married Job COLBERT, and two younger daughters of Henry Benn, Sr., who were born between 1784 and 1790.

"This would mean that Mrs. Henry Benn, Sr., was no longer living, and would explain why Rachel, as the oldest daughter except Mrs. Rebecca PENNINGTON, who was established in her own home, was needed in her father's home as housekeeper and substitute mother for the younger children. It also means that Rachel was probably pregnant at the time and that her daughter, Mary, was born after the census was taken in 1790."

Both Henry Benn, Sr., and Jr., were taxed in Mifflin County as recorded October 1, 1798, for Potter's township. Sometime between that date and and 1800, Henry left Mifflin county, taking his two young sons with him. By that time one daughter had married Job COLBERT. It appears that Henry left his two youngest daughters with William and Rachel Monks. Supporting evidence is that in the 1800 census, the household of William Monks included 4 females between the ages of 10 and 16. Those females were born between 1784 and 1790. The author believed that only two, Elizabeth and Mary (Monks) were Rachel's children and that the other two were her younger sisters. Two of the same sisters with which was enumerated in 1790 in her father's household.

An 1800 census entry for Henry Benn, Sr., has not been found. But, on June 20, 1801, he witnessed the will of Thomas WILKINS in Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Penn. Henry's son, Jonathan had recently married Elizabeth Wilkins, Thomas' daughter. Henry Benn and Jonathan Benn were both taxed in Derry Township in 1804.

Both Henry Benn, Sr., and his son, Jonathan, left Westmoreland County and were listed as heads of families in Wayne Township, Crawford County, in 1810. A young man 16-28 living with Jonathan's family was almost certainly Samuel. Henry Benn's household contained 1 male 10 - 16; 1 male over 45; 1 female 16 - 26; 1 female over 45. The female over 45 was probably the second Mrs. Henry Benn and the 10 - 16 year old male may have been her son by a previous marriage.

Henry Benn's name appears on the Crawford County tax lists until 1813, at whiich time he would have been in his middle seventies. He proably died in Wayne Townshiip about that time.

Click Click Here for a complete transcription of the document about this Benn family written by Caroline Monks about 30 years ago.

From History of Clarion County - 1887 Pg 79:
A list of men who settled the vicinity of Curllsville in 1804-05 includes the name of Henry BENN.

Chapter L: "History of Curllsville Borough"

"The town took its name from Mr. William Curll, who by some is regarded as the first settler. It appears, however, that Bennsville would have been the more fitting name, as the lots were chiefly sold from the Benn farm, which lay on the right bank of the creek. Benn, however, lived a little out of town and as Curll lived in the town and kept a store there the place was called after the latter."

Pg 548 Monroe Twp mentions Henry "BEEN" in a list of men who settled in Monroe Twp, vicinity of Curllsville in 1802-3-4 and refers back to the above information.

Pg. 594 Rimersburg Borough Monroe Twp

"In early times there were two schoolhouses in or near the present borough limits--one was called Benn's Schoolhouse and stood near where Mr. Thomas Wilson's house now stands; the other, built in 1835, probably before the erection of Benn's school house, was known as Jackson's School-house."

Pg. xxvii Brief Personals

Information about Phillip Kaster, Rimersburg Burough, Monroe Twp. Lists his children. One daughter, Susannah, married a BENN. His name is not given. John E.Kaster, born 1813, married Susannah Lobaugh who died 09 Sep 1857 and he married second Eliza (BENN) Huey, a daughter of Henry BENN of Curllsville. John and Eliza had four daughters:

(1) Tenny C. who married ____ Laughlin
(2) Sally B. who married ____Lobough
(3) Susie R. and
(4) Lide O.
From the above we construe that this HENRY BENN had children Henry Jr. (shown on the same census page with him in 1840) and Eliza; and four known granddaughters listed above.

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