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Manson Hume CROSBY


Sabra Pierce GETCHELL

of Penobscot County Maine

Manson Hume CROSBY was born February 19, 1796, at Waterville, Maine, and died April 20, 1871, in Linn County, Iowa. He is buried at Mt. Clark Cemetery, Central City, Linn County, Iowa. He was married February 24, 1820, to Sabra Pierce GETCHELL. She was born May 7, 1799, at Sydney, Maine, and was the daughter of William and Olive (PIERCE)GETCHELL. Sabra Crosby died September 12, 1864, and is buried at Mt. Clark Cemetery.

The following list of children born to Manson and Sabra Crosby has been compiled using information from the 1850 Penobscot County Maine census and information from the Plymouth Town Journal which was microfilmed by the LDS Church and is included on their film number 001751. The journal includes information about marriages, births, appointments to public office, brands used by inhabitants, and other miscellaneous information.

Sabra Getchell CROSBY born Feb 24, 1821

Caroline Elizabeth CROSBY born May 18, 1823 died Sep 5, 1824

Manson Hume CROSBY, Jr. born Mar 8, 1825

Caroline Elizabeth CROSBY (2nd) born Feb 25, 1827 died unk date - is not on 1850 census

Ellen P. CROSBY born about 1829

Asa Thompson CROSBY born Feb 16, 1834

Helen P. CROSBY born about 1836

Celesta E. CROSBY born Jul 28, 1840

Viola Alvesta CROSBY born Mar 19, 1843

According to a printed biography of Asa Thompson Crosby, he was the ninth of his parent's thirteen children. On our list he is number six. Viola Crosby's obituary states she was the youngest of eleven children. We have the names of only nine. If there were other children in this family, they either died very young or were grown and living elsewhere at the time of the 1850 census. It appears more likely that the biography and obituary are in error.

Sabra Getchell CROSBY

The Plymouth Town Journal contains the following entry, made in March 1846, about Sabra Crosby. "Village School, taught by Mifs. Sabra Crosby, No. of scholars 55, Term 11 weeks. At our first visit the school was very idle and inattentive with few exceptions, but at our last visit there had been an evident improvement and, as a school, had made very considerable advancement in their several branches of studies. Some little difficulty arose during Mifs. Crosby school in relation to her enforcing government but I believe she was sustained by the district in her course of proceedings and by the committee she was fully sustained."

Sabra Crosby married (1st) Ebenezer JORDAN, born Oct 7, 1818, and was the son of Rishworth and Charlotte (CHASE) JORDAN. (His ancestry is documented in the Lineage Book of the National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America.) The date of marriage of Ebenezer and Sabra Crosby is unknown. They were living in Linn County, Iowa, when their first child was born in August 1847. Names of their children, taken from the 1860 census of Linn County, Iowa, were: Manson R. Jordan, Clara E. Jordan, Crosby E. Jordan, Helen V. Jordan, Adelaide E. Jordan, and Sumner S. Jordan. It seems that none of these individuals had children. Clara died at age 12; Crosby at 16, and Sumner at age 4. Helen and Adelaide Jordan never married. Manson R. Jordan died at age 30 and there is no indication that he was married. Ebenezer JORDAN died 24 Oct 1858.

Sabra Crosby Jordan married Ormus Clark on Dec 23, 1859. They had two children: Edith A. Clark and Perley O. Clark. Edith A. Clark married William CUNNINGHAM, and had no children. Perley O. Clark married Helen M. ______, said to have been from Kansas. Their children were Leonard C. Clark, Marjory Clark Jones, Sabra Clark PAUL resided San Francisco, and Adelaide Clark BRINTON resided Houston. According to her father's obituary, Marjory Clark JONES had four children: Helen Jones CHALMERS, Stanley JONES, Ira Lynn JONES, and Gordon JONES.

Leonard CLARK married Bertha M. MOELLER. He served during WWI in the 109th Ammunition Train. **

Sabra Crosby Jordan Clark died December 23, 1902, and is buried at Mt. Clark Cemetery. Her obituary states that "her four children were all with her at the time of her death." Ormus Clark died Jan 10, 1910, and is also buried at Mt. Clark.

Manson Hume CROSBY, Jr.

Born March 8, 1825, near Plymouth, Penobscot County, Maine. He is listed in Part II, page 3, family number 33, of the 1850 Penobscot County census, as age 25, a blacksmith, with real estate valued at $200.00. The town journal contains an entry stating intentions of marriage between Manson H. Crosby of Plymouth and Harriet A. Lord of Detroit, was published March 1852. Certificate was granted March 22, 1852.

On July 19, 1860, Manson Crosby, Jr., and family were living in Linn County, Iowa. They appear on the 1860 census as living in dwelling number 1413 in Marion Township. The household listed four family members and four non-family members. M. H. Crosby, age 35, wagon maker; Harriet Crosby, age 26; George M. Crosby, age 7, and Harriet E. Crosby, age 2. The 1870 census listed the same four plus, John Crosby, age 4, born Iowa, and Manson Crosby Sr, age 75, born Maine.

We have no information about the younger two children. The eldest child, George M. Crosby, may be the same person who was enumerated on page 32 of the 1880 Wilson County, Kansas, federal census with wife Lou, born Iowa, and daughter, Hattie E. There is a marriage record for G. M. Crosby, age 23, and Lou Amsden, married Feb 22, 1877 in Wilson County, Kansas. George Crosby's aunt, Viola Crosby Hoover, had been living in Wilson County since 1870. A thirty-year-old letter from a relative states, "George Crosby married Lou Amsden and hadHarriet, Harry, Bruce, and Ellen. Bruce went into Mexico, or south, and disappeared. Hattie married Charles Moore and had six children. Harry died long ago. Hattie died in California, was cremated and her ashes scattered on the mountains near Salida, Colorado, where she was raised. Her father, George Crosby, was a miner. Ellen Crosby was a school teacher and lived in Fresno, California."


Ellen P. Crosby is listed in her parents household on the 1850 census as age 21, born Maine. The next record is found on page 148 of the Plymouth Town Journal which states intentions of marriage were published on January 8, 1855, for Ellen P. Crosby, of Plymouth, and Mr. Leonard Lord of Detroit. (Leonard Lord was the uncle of the Harriet Lord who married Manson Crosby Jr.) Family information says that Leonard and Ellen Lord had no children. They are both buried in what appears to be a private cemetery located on Highway 69 about 3 miles west of Detroit, Maine. There is a stone for, "Leonard Lord, died June 13, 1906" and one for, "Ellen P., wife of Leonard Lord, died December 7, 1900, aged 71 years, 8 months, and 9 days." There are many stones for people named Lord, but none that indicated it might be for a child of this couple.

Asa Thompson Crosby
Married Alice G. JENNISON

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Hellen P. CROSBY

Hellen P. CROSBY is listed in her parents household on the 1850 Maine census and is shown as age 14, born Maine. This is the only record we have of her. She is not listed with them on the 1860 census. We found no record of her marriage in the Plymouth (Maine) Town Journal, so it is not known whether she married, either in Maine or in Iowa, or whether she died prior to the 1860 census. She is not mentioned in her father's will signed July 31, 1865. The 1968 Cassia Berry letter does not mention a Hellen Crosby. It does, however, state that Manson and Sabra Crosby's daughter, "Paulina died and her babe also." Hellen P. (Paulina?) would have been 18 or 19 years of age in 1855 when her parents left Maine for Iowa. She was, perhaps living in another household in 1860 or was already married.

Celestia E. CROSBY

Celestia E. CROSBY appears with her parents on the 1850 Maine, and the 1860 Iowa federal censuses. She taught at the Marion School, which was completed in 1855. There is a marriage record on file in Linn County indicating that Celestia E. Crosby and Jonathan R. ELROD, were married February 1, 1865, by J. V. DeWITT, Minister. The Berry letter refers to Celestia as "Kate," and says she had no children. Her obituary was published in the Marion Sentinel newspaper in April 1895. The following is an extraction furnished by the Gen Society of Linn County.

"Mrs. John R. Elrod, nee Celesta E. Crosby, daughter of Manson and Sabra Crosby, was born Plymouth, Maine, July 28, 1840, died March 29, 1895. Came with parents to Marion in 1855. Married Feb 1, 1865. Leaves husband, 3 sisters: Mrs. O. Clark, of Central City; Mrs. Ellen LORD of Detroit, Mich., Mrs. Viola of Altoona, Kans. and 1 brother, Asa L. Crosby of Central City. Had no children - adopted girl - Ruth, who was born November 4, 1892, later adopted by Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Secrist."

The obituary includes at least three errors. Mrs. Ellen Lord lived at Detroit, Maine, not Michigan; Mrs. Viola was Viola HOOVER, and Asa L. should have been shown as Asa T. Crosby. Also, Celestia's gravestone at Oak Shade Cemetery, shows her death date as March 28, 1895.

Viola Alvesta Crosby
Married George W. HOOVER
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** Information about the children of Sabra and Ormus Clark was provided by Jean CLARK NAYLOR, a descendant of Seymour CLARK, brother of Ormus CLARK.

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