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I have been researching the Benn surname for many years. Still, I am very little further along than when this search began. So, I decided to post some of the information I have about the Benn family, any Benn family, anywhere, anytime. Perhaps it will further my research; if not, perhaps it will help some other researcher. If you would like to contribute your Benn family information to be posted here, send email to me, Linnie Hoover Howell, at

I am aware of only one published history about this surname. That family was in Canada, it would seem that they were either loyalists or never lived in the colonies. I haven't seen the book so don't know which, if either, supposition is correct. According to, "Genealogies In The Library of Congress," there is a book containing wills of the Benn family, and others, in "that part of Cumberland formerly known as the Copeland deanery of the archdeaconry of Richmond, Yorkshire, between the years 1574 and 1677, now preserved in the principal registry at Somerset house, and abstracted at various times from 1894 to 1912. . " (By John Philip Steel) London.

Our Benn family was in Pennsylvania very early in this century. It seems that many of those individuals were descended from a Benn family in Delaware. I also have information from an old county history book about Benn family members in New York. That information will also be included at this site. I have questions about the name itself - was it sometimes spelled Bain or Benne?

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